Oct 29, 2011

Now We Are Cookin!

Well now we have gone and done it :P

Our house has sold, and we have a contract on this house in Nanango. Its a tidy little 3 bedroom on 5 acres. I don't have much time or energy to post about it now. but we are over the moon. I have to send out an especially big thank you to my beautiful wife who has worked so hard to help make this happen.  An amazing adventure lies just around the corner.

I still have two weeks of full time work filling in for a civil engineering teacher at the Tafe that is keeping me very busy, after that I hope to have more time to post about things. For now I'll just say... WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Laceys!D What a fantastic adventure for you all!

Ian said...

Ta Michelle :)

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