Oct 9, 2011

One Last Dance With The Devil

Well the house selling plan is in action, things start out quiet, but the plan we have in place should (fingers crossed) have things picking up over the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time I have picked up some extra work teaching 3D Studio Max to Civil Engineering students. It brings me up to pretty much a full time work load. Its the sort of thing I hope to resist as a general rule as things progress, but my laptop died the other week and I needed to pay for a new PC, so I gave in to temptation.

Immediately I've noticed how when working full time you have to spend so much more on convenient things to accommodate it. Spending to work and working to spend. Obviously you come out in front a little, but still its ridiculous how we have structured things so that working full time means you need to spend so much more, so counter-productive.

The other thing that goes ballistic is waste, suddenly everything needs to be packaged, processed, mobile and immediate. There is no time or energy to make much from scratch. Working throws you back into the system, the broken system.

A Note About My Health.

A few conversations with friends and family members lately have reminded me that I should update how my health is going. Basically the news is good. Slowly I am starting to feel normal again. Sometime this extra work stirs up whatever it is that's wrong with my body, but even so I can feel myself slowly returning to normal. At the very least I definitely feel that this this in not permanent (a possibility that scared the pants off me) and that eventually I'll be able to get back to my old self. Hope is powerful stuff :)


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