Dec 2, 2012

The Power of Portable Fencing

One of the more interesting Permi principles is Exploit Edges. I like it because it makes me look at things in a way I never had before. Have you ever noticed? Things do tend to grow more at the edges between things. Edges are where there is often more light, where water accumulates, where organic material builds up. Its a treasure trove for organic growth. Then the creative part is how can that be exploited. 

So when we moved here I had this vision of my chickens roaming free, where ever they wanted. What I under estimated was their determination to get into my veggie patch, so I had to put up a fence, they still have a huge space for six chooks. I bought some fencing mesh but couldn't at the time find the motivation to put in permanent fence posts, instead I used some moveable tread in posts. I'm hoping that turns out to be a blessing. 

So I had this idea that I could move part of the fence back and plant some chicken food there. Then when it has grown I can move the fence forward again so the chooks can get in there and chow down. Then I realised that while they were doing that they would probably do a good job of preparing the soil for more growing (some human food). THEN I realised that while they were working on that first patch I could move back the next part of the fence and have some more chook food growing there.

Continue the pattern and you have a veggie patch that travels along the fence line (edge), a veggie patch that is constantly being weeded and fertilised for the chooks. Well that's the theory anyway, we'll see how it goes. :) 


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