Nov 20, 2012

Chook workers

I'm going to try and make shorter posts in the hope it will help me find the time and motivation to post more often.

Today I finally got around to a simple thing I'd be wanting to do for ages. Putting the chooks to work in the veggie patch. The enclosure is quite small, but that's a plus because it means I can pick out specific little places for them to work on. We chose the two Lowmans to go in there because they get along quite well,  they seem quite happy in there.

UPDATE: Well I couldn't believe how easy that was. And now (a few hours after finishing the first one) I was sitting on the deck sipping tea while the chooks had a ball improving my garden bed for me. So a few more sips later I made another slightly bigger one with the remainder of the wire.



Very nice :) How long do they stay in one area?

Ian said...

Hey there Lordoftheironbark, so far I've been moving them every hour or so. But I'm probably fussing over them a little more than needed while its novel :P. I suspect you could get away with half a day. In the mornings they have a big free range pen so they will still get plenty of time to stretch their legs each day.

Judi B said...

We used to have a bigger chook tractor and would leave the chooks in place for a few days, but good work

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