Jul 1, 2011

On My Mind

Rhonda over at my favourite blog of the moment Down To Earth has this thing every now and then when she asks other bloggers to post and share a photo via their own blog, I thought it might be good to do, to keep me posting.

Today I awoke to all this "news" that Australians NEED to be more productive, which is generally being interpreted as we need to work harder. I feel totally out of step when I see this kind of thing, obviously being more productive means taking more from the world, its a closed system, nothing we produce is new, it all comes from somewhere and at the expense of something else.

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So here is what's on my mind, why don't we all worry a little less about work and economy's and devote more time to natural ways of being productive. What if we assign a value to the things we can do in and around our homes that is equal to or greater than the value given to the economy. Devote more time to the garden, put that unused soil to use and grow some food.


Rose said...

The same thing crossed my mind when I heard that news too --- everything is measured as GDP and dollar value, it would be nice if other things were assessed.

Ian said...

Thanks for commenting Rose. Its nice to know I'm not out of step with everyone :)

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